How to Assemble a Dual Controller and Headset Stand

How to Assemble a Dual Controller and Headset Stand

For a follow along video guide on How to Assemble a Dual Controller and Headset Stand. Check out our YouTube tutorial here.

Headset stands consist of your chosen base, along with two large side pieces and four support braces. Make sure everything is intact before you begin assembling.

The two sides and the four braces will have the protective film on both sides. The film may be Blue, White or Clear or a combination. Remove all this film from both sides of each piece before continuing. The base will also have film on unless it is a printed or face etched design, please remove this too.

Once all the components are peeled, hold one of the side pieces and slot the four brace pieces into the holes and push down gently so that they are secure. Then slot the other side piece onto the ends of the braces and push down, again gently, so all the clear support pieces are now assembled.

Align the feet of the sides up with the holes on the base, starting by slotting the back of the Clear pieces in and in a rolling motion push the other feet down into the holes until the sides are fully located into the base.

Once you have located the sides in the slots of the base, your headset stand should look like this. If you are having any issues or believe that you have been sent the wrong components do not hesitate to email us at

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