2020 Console Releases

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2020 Console Releases

2020 will see new console releases from both Microsoft and Sony with the launch of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

Both consoles are due for release in time to hit the Christmas market, giving gamers a big decision.

Do they stick with what they know or do they jump ship?


So what do we know about the Xbox Series X so far?

Microsoft are billing the Series X, codenamed as Project Scarlett, as the fastest and most powerful console to date.

The console is due to launch “Holiday 2020,” so likely to be around October/November time.

Bosses have stated the Series X will be 4 times more powerful then the Xbox One X and will be capable of 8K gaming.

It will include technology that will mean smoother gaming and loading times will be virtually eliminated.

All this extra tech means a lot more heat, which is where the new tower design comes into it’s own.

The shape is designed to allow the single fan to keep the console cooler.

Designers have also stated that it will be as quiet as the Xbox One X.

There will also be a new controller design too, although so far it appears to be a very similar design to the Xbox One Elite pads.

To see the official trailer please click here.

Microsoft Xbox Series X


What details have been released about the PlayStation 5?

As with the Xbox, the PlayStation 5 has a confirmed release time of Holiday 2020 so again around October/November.

The company recently unveiled the new logo, which is in-keeping with the previous offerings.

Unlike the previous model the PlayStation 5 will feature a 4K Blu-Ray drive.

It is still unknown if 8K gaming will be supported on the PS5 but sources are saying it likely will in some form.

Sony have confirmed the PS5 will be more environmentally friendy, with it’s new Suspended Gameplay feature that uses much less power.

Finally the PS5 will feature backwards compatibility and will also have new controllers.



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This will include new controller stands for the new design of pads for both the Series X and PS5.

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