Apex Legends – The Next Big Thing?


Apex Legends – The Next Big Thing?

February 4th saw the launch of a new online Battle Royale style 1st person shooter game, Apex Legends.

Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One  and PC the game has attracted huge interest since it’s release.

Recent news reports state the game has hit 25 million players in the first week alone.

The game has a similar set up to the hugely popular Fortnite, free to play, released in seasons etc.

So will Apex Legends be as big as Fortnite? Or will it be bigger?

Reviews state that the 1st person shooter set up is a huge improvement on Fortnites’ 3rd person mode.

Many gaming bloggers are also favouring the more adult theme of Apex Legends.

With Season 8 of Fortnite due to launch in early March will this affect the early success of Apex?

Or has the newcomer won over enough gamers to take Fortnites crown?

To celebrate the launch of Apex Legends we have designed Printed Controller Stands for PS4 and Xbox One.

Also two Printed Coasters with Apex themed designs.

These are now available to buy from our website shop.

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