New Colour Swatches

New Colour Swatches

We have decided to upgrade to new colour swatches on our adverts.

The new images will have Black and White swatches either side of your chosen colour.

They will also state which of our colour ranges that colour is from.

Our ranges are Solid, Clear, Mirror, Pastel, Satin, Frosted and Edgelit.



Solid colours are all the standard range of colours, they are solid but you may be able to see slight shadowing through some of them.

This is because they were originally designed for the sign making industry and so would generally be illuminated.

Solid colours all have a Gloss finish both sides.

Bright Green 6T81 Light Blue 727 Hot Pink



As expected Clear is just that, completely clear glass like material.

All of the sides for our stands and all of our display cases are made in Clear.

Clear has a Gloss finish on both sides.




Mirror colours are a high shine reflective surface just as with any regular mirror.

They are a single sided material which has the reflective surface on the back (this appears as matte grey or white.)

The front is a Gloss finish surface where the reflective side can be seen.

Gold Mirror Silver Mirror



Pastel colours are from the Perspex brand Sweet Pastels range.

They are entirely solid colours but unlike the other colours they have two separate finishes.

One side is a Gloss finish and the other is a Satin finish.

Candy Floss Blue Pastel Orange Fizz Pastel Spearmint Green Pastel



Satin colours are from the Perspex brand Naturals range.

They only come in muted tones found in the natural world.

Satin colours are solid with a matte satin finish.

Ash Grey Satin Desert Beige Satin Moonlight White Satin



Frosted colours are from the Perspex brand Frost range.

These colours are semi-translucent and so shadows can be seen fairly clearly through them.

They have a frosted look satin finish on both sides.

Azure Blue Frost Citrus Yellow Frost Blush Pink Frost


Edgelit (Neon)

Edgelit colours are from the Perspex Brand Fluorescent range.

These colours are clear tinted material with a very attractive property.

They are known as Edgelit because the highest concentration of the colour is visible on the edges.

They will soak up all of the light in the room and it will be radiated through the edge of the material, making it look like they are glowing.

Edgelit colours have a gloss finish on both sides.

Acid Green Edgelit Neptune Blue Edgelit

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