Zelda Skyward Sword Display Stands

Zelda Skyward Sword Display Stands

The Zelda Skyward Sword Printed Display Stands – Now available

Designed to hold the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons, this new printed stand is a great way to keep these collectables safe. Designed to match the pattern and theme of the joy cons, this stand is printed with the Zelda Triforce logo and triangle pattern. In addition we also have a version for the Nintendo Switch Console.

In our Zelda section, we also have other printed controller stands to best match the game. Including the Link iConic and the Breath of the Wild design. Then, we have some acrylic charms and light switch surrounds, great additions to gaming rooms.

Gaming Displays are the UK’s number one manufacturer of gaming controller stands, display cases and accessories. Creating designs to match specific controllers and games. Forming a modern and co-ordinated gaming set up, which keeps items safe when not in use.

We also offer a bespoke item service. Creating custom printed designs, new ideas or adjusting sizes to suit your needs. As we design and manufacture all of our products, we have full control of the item. Allowing us to make any necessary adjustments.

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