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Our Acrylic Handheld Console Stands are a perfect way to display your handheld consoles..

Includes a variety of retro and modern games consoles from brands including Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari, Neo Geo and more.

All available in a choice of 60 colours of acrylic including gloss, pastel, natural, frost, metallic, fluorescent, and mirror colours.

Stands are an easy to assemble design. They come flat-packed for easy storage when not in use.

Made from 3mm thick Acrylic. Bases are in your chosen colour and sides and brace come in clear.

Perfect for gaming collectors to show off their collection, or just to keep control pads safe from accidental damage.

Many makes and models are available, some stands will hold variations of the same console. These are listed in the item description.

Display stands are also available for a variety of Control Pads. These can also be found on our website.