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Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite On Friday 20th September the new Nintendo Switch Lite console will be launched worldwide. This new console will run the handheld mode feature of the original Nintendo Switch console. The smaller, lighter design means the Lite will be ideal for gaming on the go.   Initially the Switch Lite is being released […]

2019 Release Dates

2019 Release Dates - Gears 5 Skull Logo

2019 Release Dates As we head into the second half of the year we take a moment to look at the 2019 release dates coming in the next few months. From new chapters in established franchises to brand new releases, the latter part of 2019 has something for everyone. Control – 27th August PS4 & […]

New Ranges – Classic Characters

New Ranges – Classic Characters We have been looking for a while now about the classic gaming characters that we should add to our ranges. Our question is who would you like to see? We would be looking at characters for our range of Controller Stands for those who have new releases on the big […]

New Colour Swatches

Royal Blue 750

New Colour Swatches We have decided to upgrade to new colour swatches on our adverts. The new images will have Black and White swatches either side of your chosen colour. They will also state which of our colour ranges that colour is from. Our ranges are Solid, Clear, Mirror, Pastel, Satin, Frosted and Edgelit.   […]

Easter Egg Hunt – Discount Codes

Easter Egg Hunt Discount Code

Easter Egg Hunt –  Discount Codes To celebrate Easter we have decided to have our own little Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden in and around the website will be 5 discount codes, each will give you 20% off everything on site. They could be hidden in the adverts, on the landing pages, on the homepage etc. […]

Fortnite Season 8 is here, finally!

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser Full Image

After a break of over 2 months Fortnite is ready to launch it’s next season, season 8. It has been a long time for fans of the game to wait and the timing may not have been ideal for such a break. Rival Battle Royal game Apex Legends launched during this time and gained a […]

Time to don your Javelin Exosuit, Anthem is coming!

Anthem Ranger Javelin Exosuit

Time to don your Javelin Exosuit, Anthem is coming! Friday 22nd February see’s the launch of the highly anticipated Anthem. Based in an unfinished world where the gods who harnessed a creative force known as The Anthem have mysteriously vanished. A faction known as the Freelancers equipped with their Javelin Exosuits battle to tip the […]

Apex Legends – The Next Big Thing?

Apex Legends, is it the next big thing?

  Apex Legends – The Next Big Thing? February 4th saw the launch of a new online Battle Royale style 1st person shooter game, Apex Legends. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One  and PC the game has attracted huge interest since it’s release. Recent news reports state the game has hit 25 million players in […]